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    what are your predictions of a no contract, & 1, 2 yr. contract price of the sprint 700p when it launches?
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    No Contract:$599
    1 Year: $524
    2 Year: $449
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    No Contract : Free
    1 yr: $-75
    2 yr: $-150

    That's right if you sign up for an agreement, they'll PAY you.....

    Ok, so a man can dream can't he?

    Seriously though, I'm guessing the pricing will be about the same as the 700w, which goes as low as $299 if you find a deal.

    And now:
    My 700P will be better than your 700p!

    The n00b!

    P.s. Bow before me!

    Don't just see the n00b, be the n00b! Wait, no...
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    I'm hoping $549.99 retail, that's how much the 6700 is at fry's.
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    Too Much.
    Remember, the "P" in PDA stands for personal.
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    One Billllllion Dollars... The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Arguably, the Munk is right.....all tolled, there is no doubt that us inhabiters of the Future Treos board have become so obsessed that we have singlehandedly managed to cut US GDP by at least that much. A for you folks who reside outside of the US of A, your not helping your respective home country a whole lot either.

    Good Morning and will somebody at Palm please release something for all of us to really sink our $$ into.

    back to work ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midknight
    No Contract:$599
    1 Year: $524
    2 Year: $449

    What MidKnight said.
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    No Contract: You new born
    1 Year: A Leg
    2 Year: An Arm
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    Quote Originally Posted by naivete
    No Contract: You new born
    1 Year: A Leg
    2 Year: An Arm
    Now that's more like it.
    Freedom of some speech in the US, through someone in the UK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden
    What MidKnight said.
    you can't play, 'cause you're traded on insider info buddy!
    Remember, the "P" in PDA stands for personal.
    If it works for you, it is "P"erfect.
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    I got mine 650 last year for about $60 out of pocket (yay treo roadshow). I'll probably be able to pull off a decent discount again (it involves having a multiline family plan and staggering the end dates of contract dates for each line)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlyn_3D
    I'm hoping $549.99 retail, that's how much the 6700 is at fry's.
    Well, that depends on how long you're willing to wait. If I recall correctly, the 6700 was $649 when launched to business customers last September.
    Early adopters are usually asked to pay a premium for getting the latest, greatest device when it launches, with an expected price drop of $50-$75 around the 3-6 month period after it's launched.
    I would suspect that many T|C users are technophiles like myself and will insist on getting it as soon as possible. However, if you're willing to wait for the price drop, you should be able to get it for $549 sometime this fall (expected release late May/early June + 3 months = price drop around Sept/Oct for the holiday season)
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    who cares. you know we will buy it anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    One Billllllion Dollars...
    One centillion dollars!!
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    what if u have an business account will it be any cheaper if so I can't wait...
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    Quote Originally Posted by imageone
    who cares. you know we will buy it anyway.
    Gimme the P-Funk!
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    Yikes. Viking, I sure hope you're high on that guess. I'm due to renew my contract, and have 4 lines on a business account. So I'm certainly hoping to do much better than whatever the no-contract price is, but what the heck is the Hollywood going to go for if the 700p is $649?
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    $399.00 with contract 599 without
    Treo (Palm Version) lover

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