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    It seems that SMS messages are delivered and received quickly while email requires a more lengthy network "handshake" my question is..why can't email be delivered and sent via SMS technology....I understand that you can address a text message to an email address destination, but it would be great if one could also receive an "instant" email the same way. My Sprint 650 seems to be able to handle voice and SMS simultaneously and it would certainly be a welcome feature for voice and email (via SMS) to co-exist too..pardon the question if it is obvious to the more technical minded amongst you
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    SMS is limited to 160 characters. It also doesn't like to handle attachments.

    If the messages are short, then it's probably okay. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    and at least from my experiences sms is less reliable than email
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    I do it all the time. I also have my email forwarded to my sms that way I get the first bit of the message and know if I need to go retreive my email or not. Its my ghetto "push" solution
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    and when ppl get an sms in their inbox they tend to reply like its a regular email address causing you to loose most of their reply.
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    SMS is cool, but unreliable. I'll tell you what though, two people sending each other emails via Chatter is just as fast as SMS...(and WAY more reliable)
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