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    Quote Originally Posted by taylorh
    For HSDPA, see:
    The 16 markets available and coverage maps are linked off that page or .
    If you want 3G data in any other market today, I suggest a switch over to Sprint EV-DO.
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    that's great and all but these are little markets...i didnt see any majors ones like NYC and LA. Last time i spoke w/ CIngular's RF engineering team, UMTS wasnt suppose to roll out till 07 and i'm sure HSDPA after that. They're too busy trying to integrate their network and buid out the network before they can move their customers over to the blue network. that's their priority right now in socal at least...they're building a lot of site here so they can roll all their customers off the old Orange network and onto the blue's 800Mhz and leave the 1900Mhz for data. At least that's the plan...implementation is another thing
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    Yeah, the big markets are an enormous undertaking. I'm sure it is/is going to take time. They've already migrated northern California over to blue back in Feb. They went through and filled all the coverage holes between Oct-Feb and moved many us all over to the 380 network. They seem to always give LA a 2nd priority, probabally because of the massive size of the network down there.
    Well, as I tell people. If you want 3G today, just go to Sprint. It's even nice and cheap. If you want to stick with Cingular it'll take time. It's really unfortunate.
    I think that merger really was a huge distraction on 3G plans. Prior to the merger about 2 years ago AT&T actually deployed UMTS to some of these markets, but that stopped with the merger and also, I believe, with the decission to go straight to HSDPA later on. Which they did. But network integration, etc. has been such a distraction. And for what really. I think they still managed to **** off the AT&T subscribers during the transition anyway.

    By the way, Cingular has no plans to deploy UMTS without HSDPA. So when you see it, it'll be HSDPA. At this point it's pointless from a competetive standpoint to do just UMTS.
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