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    Hmmm...not sure what to make of this since I did not expect to see a GSM version of the 700w. I along with many others had always assumed Palm was targetting the rumored WM "Hollywood" Treo for GSM markets. Thus I'm inclined to think this Expansys listing is just a mistake or ploy to get pre-order interest. But who knows...
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    The description says this ;-)
    "It's a busy world. Keep up on an EvDO network with average download speeds of 400-600 kbps"

    All the technical details talk about EvDO and not GSM or UMTS ...
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    Very odd, it's on their UK site and as we don't use CDMA over here it must be GSM, assuming they are selling one at all
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    Also notice that there is no other 700w for sale - so it must be the Verizon CDMA version - therefore a misprint. It's also on their US site, Mobile They are probably just being allowed to sell an unlocked (who knows why??) Verizon 700w.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TazUk
    Very odd, it's on their UK site and as we don't use CDMA over here it must be GSM, assuming they are selling one at all
    I gave Expansys UK a ring to try to get more info, pointing out the CDMA, EVDO stuff on the web site. The woman I spoke to said they would be selling the device in the UK but they wouldn't have any more details until it was released and she didn't have a date for this. My guess, they've got wind of something in the pipeline but everything on the site is copied and pasted from the Verizon site (the phone in the pic even has a Verizon logo).
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    I've done business with Expansys. Their USA office is in Illinois. I've found them to be a reputable company.
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    I've done more business with Expansys than I care to think about in monetary terms. Tungsten T, Treo 600, i-Mate JAM, Treo 650, phone contracts, SD cards, card readers, all manner of cables and cradles, etc, etc. They're a good outfit to deal with. When they say they have something in stock, they do, and they've invariably got what I've ordered to me within 24 hours. They're really great about returns - I returned the JAM simply because I didn't like it; no fuss, and they credited my credit card almost immediately. I highly recommend them and the only criticism I can find to level at them is that their info about unreleased products can be unreliable, not just product specs - they really have ballsed it up this time - but also their predictions of when something will be available.
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    I have dealt with Expansys a fair amount of the last couple of years and generally they are okay although a few of their call centre staff need to work on their manners. I seriously doubt they have inside information on a new Treo. A week or two after a product is announced they list it on the site as available for pre-order. A good example of the is the SE K800, which you can pre-order but it won't be available until Christmas which is kind of pointless in my opinion. Very annoying but I imagine it helps traffic to their site as when you type into Google any kind of mobile device released or unreleased Expansys is usually on the first page.

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