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    I have 2-3 email accounts that have a web interface as well as pop access. But I am beta testing Gmail's email hosting service, and unfortunately they still don't have the option to bring in mail from other pop accounts.

    I have a few programs that will send all the mail in an mbox file, but this doesn't really work well and it is not a solution to have my mail forwarded.

    Also, my other 2-3 email address can't forward my mail due to certain circumstances.

    Does anyone know of any services that can do this? I do not have access to a computer that is always on (part of the reason I've switched to hosting to Gmail) so I can't use any programs to do it.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Using Chattermail I can check multiple email accounts, both POP and IMAP, at the same time. Seems like a better solution than a web interface or forwarding service. Snapper Mail does a lot of the same things as Chattermail but I like Chatter more.
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    I agree that this is the best choice for use on a Treo. But I'd prefer to have all of my mail in one spot, and then pull my mail in from there. That way I have all my mail on a Treo, and all of my mail in one spot on the web as well.

    Anyone know of anything?

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    Use fastmail ( I would forward your pop3 email accts to fastmail. Fastmail can check your pop mail accts every 2 hours to clean out the pop3 server. Fastmail uses an IMAP protocol so you can check emails from the web, your home through most prominent email clients (outlook, outlook express, thunderbird, etc.). And since it uses the IMAP idle command, you will be able to get your emails pushed to Chatter as well

    They have a free option, but I chose the $20 annual option which gives me 600mb of storage and plenty of different hosting options.

    Good luck
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    Try fusemail also ( )
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    ambtreo - but I believe he said he could not forward any of his web based accounts - and that is what you are suggesting with fastmail - right? "I would forward your pop3 email accts to fastmail." Can you set up POP from within fastmail?

    What I read is naked has 2-3 web-based email addresses that he wants to POP to another web-based email system and then POP off of that. Is that right? If you can not forward the 2-3 email accounts you have, then you would need to go to a hosting service and so something custom, I believe.
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    No, ambtreo is right. Fastmail will check your POP accounts for you and collect the mail. So you can add your 2-3 POP accounts to fastmail and that will bring all your email to 1 location (Fastmail). Since fastmail is IMAP, your folders will be the same on your treo as well as on the web. I have been using fastmail for about 6 months and have been very happy with it. Just 1 location for my emails and anything I do from my smartphone, immediately updates on my PC due to IMAP. It's a pretty good system. I do recommend Chatter if you're using IMAP on your Treo. Easily handles IMAP mail.

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