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    Don't know if it's a taped segment or live
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    I hope that they put his feet to the fire. I doubt it, reporters rarely do but I hope...
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    10 year anniversary....................
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    course the problem with wanting info on new units in an interview like this is, we arent really (as much as it sickens me to say this) Palms customers. The carriers are. Thats what sucks about this situation. Itd be different if it were a new Lifedrive or something like that.
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    Nothing new
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    If anyone is interested I have an episode of the Computer Chronicles from 10 years ago with Ed Colligan first introducing the original Palm Pilot. It is about a 6 or 7 minute segment with young Ed explaining what the thing does. In the episode Stewart Cheifet makes a small reference to allude to the fact that Apple already has something like it. In this same episode, Apple is showing off Pippin, their set top box.

    I can FTP to someone if they want to host it.

    I can't believe Palm is trying so hard to emulate Apple computer in all that they do. I mean jeebus, the people that might actually care about Palm don't even know that it isn't actually even Palm's 10th anniversary. Funny thing is, this week is the 10th anniversary of the introduction of Webobjects (the basis of the iTMS and the big unsung/cloaked hero of Apple), the 5th aniversary of Mac OS X and the 30th anniversary of Apple computer - all within the same week; but not one mention of it from Apple.
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    archie, that's awesome. Can you upload it to
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    Watched the Colligan thing ... pushy little witch with capial B quizzing him. They didn't really talk much about tech, she was kind focused on wall street impact. As an MSN station, I really didn't think they were gonna give him much opportunity to talk about their new Palm OS stuff

    Plus I think palm gonna milk the free publicity about the 10 year thing as long as they can. Why muffle up the works and lose the extra publicity...have everybody talking about palm with regard to the ten year thing and when that dies down, THEN make a product announcement.
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    Just curious, with the T600 and/or the T650, who annouced it first the carriers or Palm? Also throw the 700w into that question.

    Im asking out of ignorance not out of sarcasm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by archie
    . . . Computer Chronicles . . . Stewart Cheifet

    wow taking way back there dude.

    remember when he was the only game in town?

    wow, now I got to go do some google seaching.

    yeah, youtube it.

    I'm back from googling.

    It looks like all the episode are online vie,

    here is the episode stream about:
    about half way to the palm intro.

    page link:
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