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    T-Mobile tech support got me up and running again.

    I have a Treo 600. Cell provider is T-Mobile. Email ISP is Since my email is through msn/hotmail I have to have an annual Fastmail subscription (about US$40 or so) and Snappermail software on the device.

    Emails have worked fine for two years, until March 26, when:

    ++++device would not receive emails (but it would send), and

    ++++device would not access web/Internet.

    Snappermail tech support told me a secret command for the device to produce a diagnostic report and told me how to email the report to them. I did that. (If you have Snappermail, access it on your device and type the letters BUG and it will pull up a menu.)

    Snappermail tech responded saying they believed the problem was with my cell provider (mine happens to be T-Mobile).

    I contacted T-Mobile by 1-800 number and their PDA tech guy (in India or Pakistan) accessed my T-Mobile account and reset my settings, saying my settings were probably "corrupted." Then the Treo 600 device starting receiving emails as normal and also would access the web!

    Much stress relieved.
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    it not your phone it snappermail the software is corrupt if you need take it off install filez and take out everything that said asc3 or asc4 and it should work fine after that at lease my did
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    My problem was not with Snappermail. The problem was corrupt settings at T-Mobile, which they fixed while I conferred with live tech support in a 1-800 call. But thanks anyway for commenting. Robert in Austin, Texas

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