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    hello , thanks for the time. can you get nascar to go on a treo 650?
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    *waits for sarcastic replies*
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    Scotty is waiting for replies like

    It is 1:20 on the left coast
    Sure, but it is expensive to switch from fuel to treos
    Tried it but did not like the tire tracks on the screen
    Corners are too tight for nascar on a treo

    And many more possibilities
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo
    *waits for sarcastic replies*

    Personally I can't believe you people drive to a racetrack to sit on a pine bench in your budwiser tank top, with the 100 degree sun roasting you, to watch cars go around in a circle 500 times, and the one who is leading is in the back?!? hows that?

    Yes you can listen to NASCAR on Sirius, and you can listen to Sirius on SiriuCE on your 700w treo, but it will be a while before you can hear sports on your treo, because they cannot yet handle the bandwidth of streaming Howard Stern to millions of subscribers. They said they are working on it.

    Right now you can only hear the music channels.

    Try checking Usenet for nascar mp3s, thats how i hear Stern. (admittedly not yet live, but the trade-off is you can fast forward, rewind, and pause).
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    As far as I know, NASCAR to go is only available to Nextel subscribers and there is no NEXTEL treo .
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    Nope you can't (yet, probably never)

    It's available for a number of Windows Mobile Devices but if you compare the list to current offerings it doesn't look like they are actively developing it.

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