I figured it was worth starting a new thread to discuss this afternoon's analyst call... with respect to 'future treos.' Feel free to merge or move as appropriate.

I'll keep it brief for now, but for those who missed it, highlights were:

  • Generally Palm would not comment on ANY specifics regarding future products, however...
  • They did restate the 4 new products in 2006 mantra, and...
  • They reaffirmed the multiple OS approach (Windows and Palm devices)
  • 650's continue to sell like mad in addition to the 700w released this quarter
  • However, when asked point blankly whether the hot 650 sales would delay pending Palm OS releases this year, they answered directly with (paraphrased--please slap my wrist if I'm overly aggressive on this one) 'absolutely not--our new products will launch when they are ready and future launches won't be affected by existing product sales

If I think of any other key points, I'll edit this first post. Please let me know if any other points deserve to be in this summary. I would think our current guess of mid-late this next quarter seems right to continue their message for fiscal 4Q (which ends June 2) and Fiscal 2007