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    Not sure where to put this post (CDMA, T600 forum)?

    For the past week or so I have only been receiving the first 15-20 characters of my MSN alerts. And not only that they are not arriving at their normally scheduled time of 7:45am, they arrive at all times of the day. And not only it is the normal 4 messages that I subscribe to it appears to be a backlog of 8-12 messages.

    Any ideas? Is this something with my T600, with Sprint service or with MSN? For now I have turned off the messages from MSN since I am tired of a deluge of alerts coming in during meetings.
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    Similar weird things are happening with MSN alerts on my Sprint service. Time to check the account at MSN mobile I guess.
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    I removed all my MSN alerts and signed up for Y! alerts. They are showing up at the right time, but they are still being truncated. Guess it is time to call Sprint and see what they can do.

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