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    i have figured it out. the number one thing that i miss from my 650 is this community. Though i am am verizon user ( and most of y'all are sprint ) the overwhelming support that comes from this board, directed toward the 650 is something that simply does not exist as far as i know. ive been to other , MS centric boards, and the level of involvement of the Palm OS community exceeds anything in WM.

    just look athe 700w posts out here at TC, most don't even get a response, and those that do, are mostly other people verifying the problem rather than helping to solve it.

    with the exception of a few noble and active participants, 700w owners are largely on their own.

    just a small thought for those considering the switch.
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    I tend to disagree. WM is too new on the treo yet to really assess the strength of its following here. Additionally there are lots of threads on the 700w and still more pos people who jump into a 400w thread to help out.
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    You have to know where to go. Aximsite for example is a great WM and Axim site very similar to T|C imo in its activity. Brighthand is (or rather was) the best WM forum. PPCTs is also a decent forum with many MVP's over there...
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    With my WM, i used Pocket PC Thoughts. The guys there are a good group.
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    Well i think another thing is that the Palm OS is very open and easy to "dig into". WM5 is more like Windows which you don't troubleshoot a windows DT tech and its:

    1. It's a hardare problem.
    2. Update your video driver
    3. Reinstall Windows.

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