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    I use Versamail to download my IMAP email from Groupwise. The performance seems wierd for a few reasons. Hopefully you can help me find a solution.

    1. Outgoing mail server...the imap outgoing server did not work for me, so I am using the smtp.sprintpcs server. The messages, however, will not save in my IMAP sent folder. Why?

    2. IMAP new mail downloading is performing wierd. Sometimes it will download the email with no problems. Other times it doesn't show any mail for days (shows 0%) even though there is new email on the server that I can view on the desktop. Any ideas on why this is?
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    for question 1; its not enough to check "keep copies of sent items in sent folder"
    you must also do these steps
    messaging-menu-tools-manage folders-check the "sent items" folder.
    i had the same problem took me a week to figure it out. i still dont know how i stumbled across it.

    for question 2; maybe you have to check "outgoing mail requires authentification" box?
    messaging-menu-tools-options-tap on your email account-next-next-next, at email setup screen 4/4 tap on options-next-at screen 2/3 check the box "outgoing mail requiures authentification"
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    Thanks for the advice, well, setting's unchanged, I added Auto-Sync.

    On the first Auto-Sync on the hour, it downloaded all the messages, and works perfectly with Auto-Sync, but not when I manually "get mail" or "Sync all folders". What gives?

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