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    I am going to be camping out in front of the sprint dealer the night before the 700p comes out if their is any anouncement from sprint that is reliable, or else I will be camping for some time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theBlaze74
    Becuase this has been proven to fail over and over. My company pays for Verizon mobile broadband so that we can use terminal services to reboot and kick start services that fail over the weekend. Verizon's policy that maintaing my terminal service session for 3 hours is fine, but streaming my kelly clarkson concert is not fine, is not only silly since we are talking about the same amount of bandwidth, but is nearly impossilbe to enforce and leads to not only brand resentment, and users leaving for the next isp.
    What kinda stuff are you running.....looking at my network status montor I see 3.7 gigs out / 3.5 down traffic over last 3 days, 15 hours.....or about 0.67 Mbpm. Streaming a single mp3 is more data than that. It';s getting worse, they are testing detection technology that will detect VOIP calls and charge you a higher rate for such usage. As for ISP traveling, whose left to travel to ? Like voice pacakages, everybody go the same thing for the same price.

    And with the MaBell breakup getting undone a bit more every month, it's only gonna get worse.
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