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    I was by a local Sprint store talking about some problems I was having on syncing my Treo 600. They told me I could exchange it for a 650 since I have insurance. Question I have is it worth the hassle of loading all of programs from the 600 to the 650, buying new chargers, cords, and will the half a dozen holsters I have work on the 650.

    I had plan on a new 700w or 700p when Sprint finally comes out anyway later on this year. My 600 still works I just have to sync it several times to go thru.
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    I would just go directly to the 700w (or p if your willing to wait for an unknown period of time). Doesn't make much sence to me to upgrade to a device that most likely would be outdated soon; its not too bad if you don't know about an upgrade soon... but many people here (such as yourself) believe a 700p is being worked on.

    Though as for loading programs, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $you$ $can$ $sync$ $up$ $your$ $600$, $then$ $just$ $sync$ $your$ $650$ $and$ $it$'$ll$ $transfer$ $the$ $programs$.
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    Be very careful about simply transferring programs from the 600 to the 650. Double check that they are compatible. It would be a great time to pare down your third-party apps and at the same time search for updated versions.
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    The case is the same. I am using a CoverTec 600 case on my 650. You can get a 650/TX usb charger on ebay for pennies. I would switch without even thinking about it. You get a 650 so you can sale it for much higher value than a 600.
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    the 650 is a BIG step up. as was stated you can get accessories on ebay pretty cheap. I would never buy a new model phone until its out for a while so you have a wait for a 'seasoned' 700P. There are many posts on how to change over from the 600 to the 650 but Perry's is the simplest explanation yet. You just have to get the backup folder out of the hotsync loop and he explains that. Very simple.
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    Get the 650. It will be free or close to it with the insurance. The 700p is not that big of a step up, it will cost you hundreds, and you don't really know when it will be out. The 650 is really a great device.
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    I'd tell them you will try and tough it out for a little longer....then wait till the 700 comes out....if they still offer only the 650, take it, e-bay it and buy the 700.
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    I personally would do the upgrade. If they are willing to give it to you, then why hesitate to think about it. Like was previously stated, you could get those accessories for practically nothing. That will also give you a little bit of time before you have to rush out and try to get a 700(w/p). It's true that it's a big step, but going from a 600 to a 700 would be an even bigger step, and if you're being given a smaller step up for free, why not just go for it?

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