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    I am about to buy one of these phone but I really want the best one! Which one is better all around! Music, mp3, pictures web, email, phone usage etc. help me please
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    Right now they are 2 completely seperate devices. The 650 utilizes Palm Operating System (POS), and the 700 uses Microsoft Windows. Both will do all the items you listed, it is your choice as to which operating system you prefer, for me it would be the 650 or wait for the next POS device. Verizon is the only carrier to have the 700 right now so that may limit your choice.
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    I would suggest reading the hardware sections and lookinmg at peeps postings. Here's a poll which may help you decide.

    Which one is best depends on your criteria for picking

    WM5 or palm OS ?
    Need to sync with corporate e-mail ?
    Need 7.5 hours of continuous use or can you get by with 5 ?
    Travel internationally or need toi swap SIMS ?
    What carrier has best coverage in your area ?
    How much you willing to pay for data service ?
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    What Jack said.
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    The 650 is best.
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