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    ...but how about a Treo chat here on TC? I know that there are others, but I am here more (than I care to admit).
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    It's been discussed... It's even been tried... but it took much of a load on the server and virtually no one ever used it.

    ... Now on the other hand, you could make one yourself. Maybe add some cool feature somehow; a chat room with a movie stream would be interesting IMHO. - There is only so much you can chat about Treo's; so you have to promote other topics as well.
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    A movie stream? Explain (I'm all ears)
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    Well I'm not sure if its completely possible at the moment. But I'm thinking it may be possible to create something like (thats just irc and a video stream to the right side; the video wont stream now though as the server is off; it was more of a proof of concept thing)

    I am under the assumption that I may be able to shrink that page down; have a video stream playing within an IE window. (obviously very small) The issue being, I don't think a java IRC applet will be very stable, and one that you have to refresh the entire page just won't be pratical. Nor am I at the moment able to open a video directly in the browser.

    I may also be able to make an application that would do this, video stream on the top ;probably widescreen format, then the text chat can go under it. The issue with that is, I only know how to make programs for Windows Mobile... So everyone here on Palm OS would be out of luck, and thats going to seriously limit the audience.

    The last option, run it seperately. Just have an IRC chat or so that people can join, and a video stream that goes along with that room. Then people could still chat about something other than Treo (the video thats playing). Problem there; well you can't see the video when chatting; so chances are you'll just get a load of people watching the video stream who never log in to chat.

    So I guess the program is most viable to make; as a chat room with video or atleast audio can spark conversations... maybe simply have audio streaming from a good talk station. Then when people are out of treo stuff to talk about; then they can listen and chat about whatever is on.

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