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    Does anyone know the default name of a SanDisk 512 MB SD card? If you have one, and haven't changed the disk name, you can find out via Windows Explorer.

    I'm trying to fix an issue with my Treo's SD card, and this would be a huge help.

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    I don't know but I can't imagine why the name would help fix a problem. I suspect others wonder the same thing.

    Read some of your other posts. I think you should just format the card in the Treo and it will give it a default name.
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    The problem is that I changed the name of the card from the default name. Palm Desktop is still looking for the old name, not the new name. Because of this, the media is no longer syncing.

    There's no way to tell Palm Desktop that the name just changed. By renaming the card to its original name, Palm Desktop should recognize the card, and start syncing the media again.

    I need the default name that SanDisk gives the card, not Palm.
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    Mine came up simply as "Card" with the SD card icon in front of it. It's an unused 512 MB card by Sandisk, translucent green.
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    Not a problem - just install FileZ and look! I called my card "Treo."

    -- Bill

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