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    I posted this at the end of the existing Cingular 'select network' thread, but was afraid no one would see it so I am reposting it here. Sorry for the repost!

    I've searched this thread for a situation like mine and couldn't find it, so I thought I'd post my problem and see if anyone can point me to a solution regarding 'select network'.

    I have a 2 year old AT&T PalmOne Treo 600. We just renewed our contract with Cingular and I had to unlock my Treo in order to use the new 64K sim Cingular sent me (required for the new plan). I unlocked my Treo using the GSM updater from MyTreo.Net. I noticed after putting in the Cingular sim that Select Network was disabled (it had worked perfectly with my previous AT&T sim!). Will one of these hacks work for my phone?
    Firmware: 03.05
    Software: Treo600-1.13-AWS

    Thanks in advance!
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    Please help.....
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    Sorry, saw your post (email notification) but I just finally had a chance to log on and reply.
    While one of the hacks available might actually work, do not risk it.
    I haven't posted an AWS version of the hack (yet) because so far no one has asked for it. But I would like to add it to the library. I'll need to hack your file.
    Please follow the instructions at to send me the file that's running on your Treo. I'll hack it and send it back to you, as well as post it on the site ASAP.
    Please also let me know if there are any errors in my instructions. If you already sent me an email that way and I didn't respond, then I apologize, it must have gotten mixed up with the SPAM. Mail me again and I'll look for it.
    If you're adventurous, you can also try the 'hack your own' instructions that I posted. Either way I'd like to post the AWS version weather it's you or I that hacks it.

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