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    Not sure of the correct terminology, but would it be possible to reflash a 650 with the 700w firmware?

    afterall with some work the 650 can run linux correct? Would the same then not hold true to get it flashed with the 700w software?
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    That won't happen... for one you would have video problems; as WM5 on the Treo 700w runs at 240x240 instead of 320x320 on the 650. Then you'll have WM5 looking for other various things that simply don't exist on your 650; like an OK button and EVDO support... or even CDMA alltogether if your 650 is a GSM model. Also the 650 has (AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK) $10mb$ $true$ $ram$; $the$ $700w$ $has$ $32mb$ $and$ $users$ $seem$ $to$ $get$ $about$ $10mb$ $free$; $so$ $you$ $would$ $never$ $have$ $enough$ $ram$ $to$ $run$ $WM5$ $in$ $the$ $first$ $place$.

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