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    I recently upgraded from a Treo 600 to a Treo 650 (Cingular) and now my Uninstall Manager is acting strange. When I tap on Applications in the drop down menu in Uninstall Manager the device resets every time. When I checked to see what caused the reset (#*377 on the phone) it says:
    A reset was caused on 3/10/06 at 11:33 am
    while running
    Line:3771, Free handle

    Has anyone else seen this? I emailed Northglide and they promptly sent the reply below:

    This most likely not related to Uninstall Manager at all and you should isolate the problem.
    Try to warm reset your device and see if it is a 3rd party program: (look for warm-reset).
    Try to delete any software you installed prior to this error.
    Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or concerns.

    Before I try a warm reset (already tried soft reset) I would be interested in finding out if anyone else has had a similar problem.
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    You said a very scary word..."upgrade"

    Did you try and sync your new 650 with the old 600 Palm Desktop ? Bound to mess up everything. Just like windows, the only troublefree way to do this is via fresh installs.

    It's always a bad idea to "upgrade" and OS and move stuff from one machine to another. Undoubtedly there will be corruption.

    Procedure for upgrading from one Palm Device to Another:

    1. Synch old Treo for last time.
    2. Go to C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\[your username] and copy the entire folder soemwhere else just to be safe.
    3. If your old Treo stuff is in C:\ProgramFiles\Palm install new Treo 650 Palm Desktop to C:\ProgramFiles\Palmone
    4. Hard Reset your new 650.
    5. Hotsync new 650
    6. Install ROM Update
    7. Copy the following files:

    address.dat from C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\[your username]\address to C:\ProgramFiles\PalmOne\[your username]\address
    memopad.dat from C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\[your username]\memopad to C:\ProgramFiles\PalmOne\[your username]\memopad
    todo.dat from C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\[your username]\todo to C:\ProgramFiles\PalmOne\[your username]\todo
    datebook.dat from C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\[your username]\datebook to C:\ProgramFiles\PalmOne\[your username]\datebook

    8. Hotsync ... RTFM and use the phone this way for 3-7 days to make sure no issues. Download latest versions of all your programs in menatime. Get Dataviz tech tool.
    9. Install Northglide's Uninstall Manager to track your program installations.
    10. Install PowerRUN or an equivalent to move programs to card.
    11. Install Dataviz tech tool to move Docs2Go to card
    12. Install Programs from Palm CD ... one program at a time...that is one program per HotSync
    13. Again use for 3-4 days to look for problems.
    14. Go thru your programs list and rank programs from small and uncomplicated to big, heavy memory users. Any hacks or progranms that require they be installed in main memory best left to last. Again one program per Hotsync so UM can track what files go in with what program. Only reasoning here is that you can probably get away with installing 6-7 small , simple programs per day whereas something big or which ties into system calls should be left to last and be installed alone. This will better enable you to diagnose any conflicts.
    15. Install a few programs per day making sure no problems have surfaced, again starting with smallest/simplest to largest/most complicated.
    16. If you can manage, I'd leave biggies like TomTom, EDGE, Snapper /Chatter to last and install those last few 1 program a day.
    17. If at any point problems kick up, you can easily retrace your steps with UM to find the offending program.
    18. Make sure you have a backup progam installed. Check Best Utilities thread for listings and url's.
    19. This shoulda been listed earlier but any programs that tie themselves to a specific device will need new registration numbers.
    20. Delete the OLD C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\ directory not the new PalmOne one you just created.

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