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    screw that I got SERO today!
    I called and spoke to a nice girl from the business department.
    I got hooked up with SERO+A900 for $100 + $100 service credit= free a900.
    She said I cant get the treo (she said honestly i would have to have a tax id befor she can pull it up)

    No big deal, the girl was very sweet and I was asking her some life style questions and she was comfortable with that. She said she loves NYC and would dream to be here for a week. Anyway she set me up nicely and gave me all the goodies for the phone no activation and free shipping and we went over the plan and I asked about text. she said its not included, but i told her its ok i thought it was free..jk..then she said i can give you 100 for free. Man i love this girl, she made my day. AND she gave me the best # she was browsing for like 3 minutes it looks like this 646-XYX-TXXX *x being same digit its so cooli decided not to port my # and pay ETF.

    I will be expecting my A900 tommorow. Then will be selling it on ebay for $300 NIB and get my CDMA(yea baby) treo 650. Fruuukk the 700p i cant wait for palm, the last time i waited for them was for a firmware, it came months after the rumors.

    So I have a refurb treo 650 GSM unlocked ebaying it for $300+ and A900 for $300 and I get back $175 in rebates for my tmobile phone(razor, yes the rebates have finally arrived, 8 freakin months, im about to cancel and they just came) -$150 ETF for tmobile (will probably just downgrade the plan and strip all the features)

    what can I say OH WAIT i get 23% discount so its like $27/month including taxes less than a dollar a day.
    T-mobile says get more minutes
    But I want to get more money!
    Made this just for fun...I'm Kermit

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    Not sure about SERO… but m waiting for the 700P...
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