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    Well My treo was working pretty good but now I've mucked it up. I have a 650 and run palm on a pc. I use hotmail for email and have been using pocket mirror just fine to synch. I downloaded a trial version of Now up to DATe because i need to be able to view some old calendr files and the damn thing took over all the conduits to the palm desktop. In pocket mirror the only conduit that shows up is outlook notes. all the others have disappeared and on top of that I cant uninstall NUD for some reason. I think I had this problem a couple of years ago and there is some special uninstaller for NUD but I cant seeem to find it. HELLLP !! Please
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    I am assuming you are on a Mac. Typically, the installer moves the conduits it conflicts with to a folder called "Disabled Conduits". Find that, move the old conduits back to the Conduits folder (may require your authorization) and all should return to normal.

    I hope this helps.
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    No I am on a pc but at one time i did have a mac. thats why i downloaded NUD for the pc just to view some old calendar files. I like Nud also for the calendar and it s ability to do scheduling with banners . easy to do flow charts for construction jobs. I havent found a simple replacement yet. I think that is part of the problem. I had no idea nud would "take over" my treo.
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    Sorry, I missed the pc comment in the original post. Unfortunately, the only way I have ever gone sucessfully gone back is to remove HotSync manager and re-install it.

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