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    my situation is tolerable but not entirely fortunate. I live alone, and without a working computer. my t600 is my lifeline to the world. phone, web, etc.

    one of my dream jobs is to be involved with videogame companies. im aware of the main sites. has always displayed beautifully on my fone. recently, they launched, which barely displays at all. images or articles mask out, cover up or make links unaccessable or unreadable.

    now, my gmail problem was resolved by making it

    does anyone have a workaround for viewing on the 600?
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    you could try entering the URL into skweezer

    or MobileLeap

    which are both configurable with regards to images or different qualities of such (MobileLeap only for this last feature), which may help if you only need text info from yr sites.

    On Blazer I prefer Mobileleap, mostly because on some sites the Skweezer fonts are too small

    good luck with the job hunt. I love the idea of not only doing a job on the Treo (where i do a lot of mine) but actually finding the job with it in the first place!


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