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    I have an unlocked Cingular branded Treo 650 F/W 1.51 and S/W 1.17-CNG (using T-Mobile as my provider). I have only had my unit for 3 weeks or so, but I've been trying to find the perfect set-up for phone... here is what I have come up with so far:

    - P6 Pouch Case: This type of case is useful for my phone function because it sits my treo on the side with the volume and select buttons available for easy access. (See below for why this is important)

    - Sony Erickson HBH 660 Bluetooth Headset: My personal circumstances make the caller ID function on this unit very attractable. I have liked the headset pretty well so far, it picks up and drops calls very fast, it is comfortable, and pairing with the treo is a snap. The volume is sometimes lower than I would like - so I have ordered some Slic Sound eargels. I keep the BT headset in my shirt pocket most of the time, so I am looking for some kind of a pocket protector carrying case dealio that will facilitate this operation.

    - VoiceDialit: Since there isn't a way to have voice dialing via BT on the 650 (as far as I know), I am using VoiceDialit and the treo mic as a work-around. I set-up all my voice commands in the car while my treo is in my belt case (or at least at that far away from my mouth). Thus, while driving I can flip open my case, leave the treo in the case, power on the unit (I can just barely hit phone button while it is in the case), hit the select button which is mapped to VoiceDialit, say the voice command, and have the contact dialed through my BT headset. Its not perfect, but it has been working pretty well so far and it allows me to be pretty much hands-free. (Now if I could just figure out how to power-on unit by hitting the select button only... that would be very nice.)

    - Skinner: I like aesthetics as much as I like function, so I picked up Skinner to change the look of my phone. I am using the "OSX Panther" skin with the "BlueSwirl" splash.

    - Contacts5: I have Contacts5 set as my default contacts software. I have Agendus Pro as well, but I wanted to be able to use the contacts software from the phone's quick menu - which didn't work so well with Agendus.

    - 2Dial: I like using this little program when I call the bank or my voicemail... pretty handy.

    - SharkMsg: Great for sending a quick SMS reply to folks when I am in a meeting. (I would like a program that could automatically send out a message whenever my datebook says that I am in a meeting - that way I could look at my SE 660 caller ID and let the phone auto-send a message if I reject the call with the headset).

    - Ringo Pro: I rarely have my phone off vibrate, but when I do - this app is fun.

    - Butler: I use the K Launch feature and the LED control features... this works well for me.

    - TreoGuard: I found this very useful before I purchased my BT headset (I was always hitting buttons with my face while talking). I still think it is useful because when I am on the BT headset and my treo is in my belt case, then no buttons will get pushed accidentally.

    - VolumeCare: And of course... it doesn't do much for my back speaker because I think that one is broken or impaired by the F/W - but is helps with other volume issues.

    Well, that is pretty much the set-up... it does the job and with a little style I'm sure there are many other great options (I would still like to get Takephone).

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    Only suggestion I'd make is that it is much more functional off your belt clip in the car. I use a Seidio GPS cradle with VSuite (VoiceDial's successor now in beta) and it is much easier than trying to hit a button on the side of my head. Using the proclip vehicle speciifc mount, the Treo is 2-3" from my right hand at 3:00 on the steering wheel. W/o leaving the wheel, I can hit the Treo side button and launch VoiceDial. I tell the sweet VD babe that I wnat to call "JoeBlow at Work" and she dials it off.

    Incoming calls I just peek at the screen and decide IF I want to answer. Again, it's much easier to tap the screen 3" away from my hand than to move my hand 20-30" to the side of my head to hit the headset button.
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    I like the icons, what icons are you useing?
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