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    Hi guys! I'm new here, so don't hurt me . Anyways, it isn't really "Treo" related, but I was just wondering about something. This Shadowmite guy who hacked the WiFi card drivers to work on the Treo 650, could you also do it for the Tungsten E? I'd really like WiFi on my Tungsten E and I don't want to settle for that Enfora Case. It should be possible, because it does work with the Tungsten E2. I'm really mad at Palm for throwing those of us in the shadows and not supporting some of their older PDAs. There is that SanDisk WiFi thing but the drivers were never complete for the Palm and I hear its a little flaky. So, is it possible? Maybe the Tungsten T2 as well?

    I can imagine the ample amount of new people asking this question, so don't hurt me. I used the search button, but couldn't find anything.
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    I doubt it. He had very limited success on the Treo, requiring hard resets between uses, IIRC.
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