1 Last minute child ID. Whenever the family might be separated, take last-minute pictures of all family members, especially the kids, and pets.
2 Send a map. Draw a map on paper, take a picture and send.
3 Injury photos to the doctor. Suppose help isn't available, and someone's sick or injured. If there are visible signs or symptoms, relay pictures to medical personnel who can walk you through whatever treatment is possible.
4 Damage documentation. In catastrophes, it'll be days before insurance adjusters get there to file claims. Photo all damage.
5 Report suspicious activity. Upload pictures of suspects and the situation to the police.
6 "Here's the landmark." Gathering the family is critical. If you don't have a fixed meeting place, send pictures of where and what you're near so others can find you. This also works well if you're lost in the wilderness and need to relay pictures of landmarks.
7 "Meet us here." If you have a fixed rendezvous point, send a pic you already have on file so others will know where to meet.
8 Photo shopping list. When stocking up in anticipation of an emergency, take a picture of your pantry as a quick shopping list.
9 Driving directions. If you're trying to tell others where a certain location is, send a picture by picture set of directions.
10 "Meet this person." If your family evacuates, send them a picture of the person they're to meet.