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    I remember before my treo days I used SilverScreen as a launcher. Of course when I found the Treo a went to Zlauncher. One thing I loved about Silver Screen was a ticker option. It allowed my tasks to scroll along the bottom like a news ticker.

    Well I am eager to hear if anyone has found a program or zlauncher plug in for news and stocks. Something that would work like the weather plugin or even a ticker. (I WOULD LOVE A TICKER). I think the idea is simple, something that works like an RSS reader that catches the headlines and scrolls them, you click on one and it sends you to the article via your web browser.

    Any ideas, any thoughts.

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    Hmmm...I never knew about the ticker option in Silverscreen. I agree though that would be a nice option for Zlauncher though. It might be annoying for some, but pretty neat overall!

    Anyway, while I don't know of a ticker-like solution, there are zlauncher plugins for stocks and weather etc from shsh:

    For news etc, I think you probably will just have to get rssnews reader like Quicknews to get that. If you want full blown streaming stocks quote ticker etc, then there are apps like quotestream and esignal that do that...
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