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    I currently have a Treo 650, with unlimted data with Sprint.
    I am interested in PDAnet and wondered if anyone is currently using it and how is it performing?

    i have read the reviews, just want some live input

    thx in advance
    John Vaseey
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    PDANet is great in a fix. Easy to install/use. But it is frustratingly slow, so I would only use it if there's no other internet link available.
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    one of the best pieces of SW there is. check out the thread at on pdanet. works great, easy to use. i connect at 192kbps while in the car! (used when i am a passenger, not driver;-)
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    I use it with a 600, it is slow, but it lets me connect when nothing else ia available.
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    Works as advertised. Simple, no issues.
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    PDAnet is great software and I use it when I need to access the web without access to other connections.
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    When nothing else is available, PDANet is awesome. I think the $34 are worth just to have as a backup.
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    It's one of my favorite apps. I use it whenever my high-speed connection is not available.
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    It is awesome. Used it for two years on my Treo 600 and now I use it with my 700w. The EVDO network from Verizon gives me plenty of download speed. Well worth $34.
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