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    Hi I am a little confused. After reading posts it seems that when software code finishes with row it means it is unlocked. I have treo650-1.13-row, it came this way and baught it directly from a Rogers store(Which I would have thought they would lock their phones). Therefore is my GSM phone locked or unlocked? If unlocked anybody try the new updates available and any problems with Rogers.
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    I have no firsthand experience, but I've read on this board somewhere of a Rogers user trying out a FIDO SIM and it not working -- so the phones appear to indeed be locked to Rogers.

    I have also read that the current Rogers update (1.13) is byte-for-byte equal to the unlocked updater. Moreover, I've used 1.20 based ROMs on my Rogers Treo and it is quite happy. I've even installed the FAT32 driver and it is working fine.

    I think that the ROM updates don't really have anything to do with the locked/unlocked nature of your phone. The updates are different because the developers tune certain aspects of the ROM to work more efficiently with a target carrier.

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