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    I want to add the NotePad application to my ROM using the SIM files listed somewhere on this site. However when I try to do so, there is already a "CompressionZlib" file in my ROM and if I use that file Notepad doesnt work. I am affraid of what will happen if I replace the file with the one from the Notepad application. Has anyone done this? On Berdinkerdickle's list of programs that work in ROM, Notepad is listed there as ok, but does anyone know how?
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    Anyone know the answer?
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    Unless you are trying to put the file in a "Custom ROM" to save time flashing Multiple Devices, I suggest you just install the .prc files directly to your Treo. My experience is, that once you have installed the files, they are "locked" into your ROM.

    Here's a link to the files:

    You can also do a search for the "Notepad" application here on the boards, and find other threads.

    Good luck!!

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    Thanks but that didnt really help. I have the files copied to my RAM, I am looking to find out why it doesn't work when it install it into my ROM through a Custom ROM.
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    According to Jürgen Schwister's site under Treo650 > Missing features > Notepad, I guess we're all using the latest version from the Tungsten T5. He shows the sources and versions as follows:
    NotePad v2.3
    Add freehand drawing with alarm to your Treo 650

    Device: Tungsten T3
    Palm OS Version: 5.2.1
    NotePad Version: 2.2.1

    Device: Zire 72
    Palm OS Version: 5.2.8
    NotePad Version: 2.2.2

    Device: Tungsten T5
    Palm OS Version: 5.4.5
    NotePad Version: 2.3
    Question: I'm currently using an unbranded GSM Treo 650 customized v1.20, (FAT32 added, RealPlayer and Quick Tour removed). When adding NotePad's four files to the custom ROM, should I replace the existing CompressionZlib.prc file in ROM with the downloaded one? What else uses this file?
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    Do you NEED to put it in ROM? Move another program to the SD card if you're that tight on space. When I had a 650 I put all 3 files into RAM, emailed them to me, and it worked great. I haven't been able to get it to work on the 700p, but I haven't really tried much either. It's going to say one file is already there, but just put the new one in there anyway.

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