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    "Applied Generics has developed technology that makes it possible to generate real time road traffic information based on analysis of mobile telephone network usage and cell-switching. The technology is commercially deployed and has the potential to deliver high quality traffic information at a fraction of the investment normally required to generate traffic information. Which means that TomTom may soon be in the position to offer additional income streams to network operators and invaluable real time nationwide information on traffic conditions overlayed on top of directional and road network information. If you'd like to see Applied Generics' real time road traffic technology working, click this text and follow the instructions in the second paragraph. Very cool!"
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    What are they to do if there is a large civic event, causing cell towers to be overloaded, mark that as a trafic jam?
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    Interesting concept. Assume a large percentage of folks opting for location privacy could affect it's usefulness.
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    Gotta be like jack bauer than and yank ya SIM card.....he can even do it on Sprint phone

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