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    OK, Ed, put this on my requested feature list for the Treo 900
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    You mean it's not on the 700P?
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    Treo "Monster" maybe, not the p
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    The 900w has it, im holding one now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theBlaze74
    The 900w has it, im holding one now.
    lol. Welcome back Merlyn!
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    You'd have to have one hell of a steady hand to play games (as it showed in the video) without making the image bounce on the wall like a Mexican jumping bean.
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    Oh, thats right! And WHY does it have to be a MEXICAN jumping bean?
    Why can't it be a Chillian, or say an Argentinian, or even an Austrailian jumping bean? I mean everything hops down under right?

    Next you'll be telling me of a figmentary little fast mouse that wears a sombrero called Speedy Gonzales. Where does it all end?
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    This would be great for p0rn.
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    merlyn would prove he had it.. more like slinky
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    This would be great for p0rn.
    Like I said, you need very steady hands
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    On the downside, you can't use the projector and the built in taser or defribulator at the same time or the Palm resets.

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