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    So who ships more handheld's RIM or Palm....apparently it depends on how you define the question.

    "According to Gartner, Palm, Inc.'s share of the market last year dropped 26 percent. But, in order for this to make sense, you need know that this market-research firm doesn't consider Palm's best-selling model -- the Treo 650 -- to be a handheld. Instead, it is classified as a smartphone, and therefore isn't included in this company's handheld results.

    If the 1.95 million Treos shipped in 2005 were included, then Palm's total number of devices shipped last year would total up to 4.72 million.

    If these two numbers were combined, it would beat out RIM's total of handhelds and smartphones, even though Gartner put RIM ahead of Palm in the handheld market."
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    Heh, funny, I remember almost the opposite of Gartner's study being posted here a few motnhs ago. Some Palm Inc.-generated graphic showing market share worldwide that conveniently left out high-end Nokias. Goes to show the Brighthand author is exactly right about stats - they can say anything you want them to.
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    I bet RIM is a client of Gartner and Palm is not.
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    I like Blackberry for the push email implementation and it is the corporate standard issue at work. For all other stuff, I use my T650.
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    I love the screen on the BB8700. I am sure it is a great email device.

    I had the option of getting one, or a wm5 device. I went with WM5 for 3 reasons:
    1) better web-browser
    2) RIMs possible shutdown
    3) touch screen.

    (I also like that I can write software for WM5 using my corporate issue C# compiler.)

    That said: I'd kill to get a BB or Treo keyboard on this thing. :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by jettie1767
    I like Blackberry for the push email implementation and it is the corporate standard issue at work. For all other stuff, I use my T650.
    They are both fantastic devices with designed for different market segments. But I do get tired of BB users telling me that their devices must be better cause it's so much more popular than Palm stuff. This month we have seen independednt studies now report that:

    1. In fact Palm does outsell BB and
    2. Consumers are more highly satisfied with their treos than they are with their BB's.

    Some people shouldn't own a Treo just like putting a dashboard compass in many people's car would not help them get anywhere cause they "don't do that north south stuff, just tell me left and right".

    As was pointed out in a pro BB thread Congress uses BB's....well thank ineffectual as that bunch is, the nation would grind to a halt as they sat in session sending posts to TC asking what that blinking blue star thingies are. I loved it when the cameras zeroed in on that texas guy who was doing crossword puzzles during a hearing.

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