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    I purposely bought a 600 (and now a 650) to avoid carrying around multiple devices. You look like one of those Star Trek nerds if you're juggling too many gadgets.

    Now if only Sony could cram a CDMA radio in my PSP and allow me to install PIM and email apps, I'd really be a happy camper.
    I'm back!
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    Treo 700 and Audiovox XV6600. The 6600 is mainly used for TomTom. Occasionally I still play some of the games I have loaded that aren't yet (and some may never be) fitted for the 240x240 screen. Occasionally I also switch to the XV6600 for DUN b/c I can't get into my companys VPN with the Treo 700 using PDANet.
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    Treo 600 since Fall of '03 on Sprint so I could only carry one device. But recently issed a BB 7250 on Verizon from my employer. I actually like the BB for its keyboard (ease of typing) and its wireless syncing of email, calendar AND contacts. Oh yeah, Berry411 is a great app (easier then DirAssist on Palm). Recently tried the PPC-6700 but just sent it back so I still have two devices.
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    Dell Axim x50v : for 2 programs essentially:
    - Pocket Skype
    - UptoDate (a medical program)

    Otherwise usually I just do practially everything else on my Treo650
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    I try to avoid carrying alot of stuffs. But heres what i have. My Treo 600, My ipaq Rx3115, My digital camera Canon S500. I basically use my rx3115 for some webbrowsing because its way faster, it has wi-fi and it runs on windows os. My camera for whatever happens. LOL. theres party everywhere so i need it or get together with some other people i barely see so it'd be on myspace the next day hahaha
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    I bought my 650 to avoid carrying multiple devices.
    My thoughts exactly. I sold my Ipaq 2215 on ebay. Never going back to multiple devices
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmdoc2005
    Dell Axim x50v : for 2 programs essentially:
    - Pocket Skype
    - UptoDate (a medical program)

    Otherwise usually I just do practially everything else on my Treo650
    LOL! That's what I have on my x50v aas well! Really, those are two apps that I wish were available on palmos...
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    When traveling, Treo 650 and my old Sony TH55-- strictly for the WiFi. Allows me to travel sans laptop.
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    I had always had just one device (Treo 600 then Treo 650) until recently. I became really curious about other devices, OS's and features so now I also have:
    -Tapwave Zodiac (with 2 2GB cards I use it as my 'Life Drive')
    -Dell Axim X51V (use Wifi when,I'm getting familiar with Windows Mobile
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    I carry the Treo 650 (my recent purchase) and the Garmine IQUE 3600. That way if my battery dies on the Garmin (battery life leaves a lot to be desired) I can still get online for directions! I've had the Garmin for over a year and it's awesome for directions and Geocaching!
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