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    i was tryin out a couple apps before i buy and i decided i didnt want them but now they wont let me delet them...whats goin on... anyone have any ideas? i cant delete koolsounds and audiogate PLEASE HELP
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    How are you trying to delete them?

    Home Screen>Menu Key> APP Menu> delete> a screen to select what you want to delete?
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    i click my menu button and go to app > delete... and selet the program just like i do everything else i dont want but these just dont seem to wanna be thrown away hehehe
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    Soft reset and try again?

    Any special instructions come with those two apps in this regard?
    Try their web sites for support info?
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    Try a warm reset then deleting the apps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StrangeReaction
    Try a warm reset then deleting the apps.
    "Been There, Done That", have we?

    Thanks S.R.
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    ok my Bun-J phone holder is a pain to get off but i did and reset it worked thanks! anyone know where i can find the thread about making the roms? i cant seem to find them again
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    Soft or Warm?

    Here is one of the threads:
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    oh i did the soft reset after it takin about 2 mins to get the darn holder off lol
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    ever did one of those custom roms for your treo? is it easy and worth it?
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    I have a severe case of CRP . . . . . .

    (Custom ROM Phobia)

    I stick mainly to the basics. However, TEM a is pretty good guy. I have not read thru his thread referenced above, but in my past dealings with him -- he has been very knowledgeable and thorough.

    Custom ROM's just basically let you take out of ROM, what you don't use (say VersaMail) and put back in something( a 3rd party app) that you do use (that will work from ROM, not all do). The reason for doing this is to save the space that the 3rd party app would have taken up in the normal 22mb of user availble memory. Was that in English?

    So, if you are not cramped for space -- a custom ROM is just a mountain to climb -- because it is there and you enjoy the thrill of hacking.

    Cheers, Perry
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    LMAO i guess i have CRP too... i just dont wanna pay 400 bucks for somethin and fugg it up just because i felt like tampering with it. altho i do have a problem with modding things to make them my very own. ha ha ha as we speak i have an xbox360 in 8 different pieces because i felt like modding it!


    i will prolly be pullin out that forum this weekend and doin some reading and modding
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    hi is there anyone out there who knows how to remove cjk os from a treo 650 1.13apr unlocked gsm? I have no use for this and so is the countless users who purchased their unit from hongkong who doesn't speak chinese, japanese or korean thanks
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    i have no idea altho you might wanna go over to the ROM site listed above and maybe ask them they might know. they seem to be pretty smart
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    omg for some reason now my battery dies in no time....what is going on????
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    What does in no time mean? Stitting idle or in use? How much use?

    You probably have a 3rd party software corruption that is keeping something running in the background and draining the battery.

    Did you delete those new programs?

    Did you upgrade from a Treo 600 by just hotsyncing to that userid?
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    it was after i did the reset i had to do to delete the koolsounds and audiogate programs. i left it sitting next to the computer the rest of the night and when i grabbed my phone maybe 10 hours later (it had to have been dead before that i just didn't know) i picked it up and it was completely dead. now my phone dies within 10 hrs when not in use.. around 5hrs if i make a couple 5 mins calls. =/ guess i will have to get me a new battery. Have any suggestions on a good brand?

    the 650 is my first treo. before this i had a razor and a nokia 330 LMAO i will stop the list there ha ha i seem to update my phones every year
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    I suspect a corrupted piece of software before the battery:

    Try a clean install:

    post #2
    do a back up hotsync and then start with the hard reset line of the instructions.

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