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    I know still think the "Now you know Treo" is not detailed enough.
    anyway, I put Epocrates Pro on my new 650, and it is taking up almost 8 megs. Supposedly it won't work from the sd card.

    There should be WAY MORE internal memory on these things.

    what can I move to the card to free up memory?

    I need 5 megs for a hospital application, and only have 4 left!!
    Does anyone upgrade the internal memory?
    Is there a way to fool the treo so stuff on the card is perceived as being inside the treo?
    Alan Mushnick
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    I would be interested in hearing how people get around this problem as well. I am considering buying a treo 650 for when I begin clerships in May, but I need to be able to run the normal medical software (such as ePocrates). Can any physicians comment on this?
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    Sure there should be more memory but there isn't. Many people use a launcher like ZLauncher that can run a lot of programs off the card by setting up shortcuts.
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    Zlauncher sounds promising. So even with programs that are required to be on the internal memory, you can save to the expansion card and have a shortcut installed instead to save space? Promising, indeed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wallskm
    Zlauncher sounds promising. So even with programs that are required to be on the internal memory, you can save to the expansion card and have a shortcut installed instead to save space? Promising, indeed.
    Yup. When you click on the shortcut, the launcher loads the app from the card into memory. When you exit the app, it copies it back to the card. A couple of apps don't work this way, but the vast majority of apps that won't run from the card natively will work with a launcher.

    In addition to ZLauncher, there's also LauncherX and PowerRun, and probably a couple of others. I prefer PowerRun. All have trial periods, so you don't have to fork over the cash up front if you want to test them out with "must-have" apps first.
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    I have anywhere from 17 - 19 MB free on my Treo dependonmg on what I elave on that day....The SD card has 1.3 GB of programs and data.....yes no mp3's (well one), no movies (well 5 joke shorts), and this fun stuff takes up maybe 8 MB.

    You don't need for things to be in memory all the let a SD card program utility put them on the card and pick em off 1 at a time when you need each one....when ya done, put the thing back on the a real desktop.

    1. Download the DataViz tech tool and move Docs2Go to the SD card...that will get you 3-6 MB, more if you have lotta docs.
    2. Download PowerRUN and move all apps to the SD card except ones that need to be live to perform their intended function. Remember a program can't function unless it is in memory. So thins like Treo Alarm which wakes you up, ain't gonna wake you up if it ain't in memory. Uninstall Manager which tracks files being installed must be installed in main memory. If you want to get push mail or schedule pulls this must be in main memory. Simply, if the program does anything by itself that doesn't need you to load it first, then it nees to be in memory.
    3. If, after playing with PowerRUN for the 30 day or whatever trial period, you want something fancy with skins and more screen icons etc, try ZLauncher.
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    Epocrates is bloatware. Check to see if your facility supports Thomson MobileMicromedex. Much smaller footprint than Epocrates. As far as drug guides go, Skyscape has all that you could need, and at a much smaller footprint (approx. 90% smaller internal RAM footprint). Plus, the programs cross-reference: Drug guide links to 5 Minute Clinical Consult, Stedman's, Sanford guide, Lab Guide, etc.). The only downside is that they are not free, but they are competitive pricewise with Epocrates Pro.
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    I'm thinking about the ePocrates free Rx, 5 Minute Clinical Consult and either Sanford guide or the Hopkins free guide (I hear it's kind of big though?). Just wanted to make sure the Treo 650 could run what I wanted before I forked over the money and it looks like it can.

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