Of note to this audience:

# Palm Treo 650 Wireless Headset – Model 3206WW, lightweight, adjustable Bluetooth-compatible headset offers cordless, convenient, hands-free communication. Easy set up for the Treo 650.

# Palm GPS Navigator - Bluetooth GPS Receiver, TomTom Navigator 5 software and maps of the United States and Canada, vehicle device cradle with windshield mounting bracket and suction cup pad, USB charging cable for GPS Receiver, vehicle power adapter for your Palm handheld or Treo SmartPhone and GPS Receiver. Adding navigation to wireless handhelds allows user to take navigation into any vehicle in which they are riding.

# AvantGo Wireless – New direct way to provide automated delivery of content to wireless devices. Choose your channels and updates are automatically sent wirelessly to your device. Enterprise version allows customization of channels.

# Avvenu – allows you to view files and photos stored on any PC with your phone or wireless PDA. Makes it easy to share folders with others since they will always be able to see the contents (files and photos) that are up to date. Requires no synchronization.

# GoodAccess by Good Technology – Complement to GoodLink for email; allows enterprises to download corporate data from major enterprise back end systems like Oracle, SAP and Siebel Systems.

# Voice Signal – Beyond name or number dialing by voice, Voice Signal can now create SMS speech to text replies.

* SanDisk Ultra® II SD™ Plus Cards - Innovative SD Card design that incorporates USB. Simply fold the SD card, and it become a USB drive, so you can plug it directly into your USB port, eliminating the need for a card reader.

* EV-DO by Qualcomm – Rolled out aggressively by Verizon Wireless and now by Sprint. Provides average of 300K+ bps data communications allowing full motion video.