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    is there any way i can get both headsets to play while I am listening to mp3 on my phone? Is there a specific headset needed to make it work properly? Somebody, anybody help please.
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    You have a wired stereo headset and only one ear piece is playing music?

    Both earpieces should work.

    1. Bad Treo headset jack, or
    2. Bad headset.

    Try another headset, that you know works, in the Treo.
    Try the headset in another device.

    Something needs to get fixed.

    Cheers, Perry
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    If I understand the OP right, his sounds like the infamous impedance problem. Basically,the Treo decides whether the plugged-in device is stereo headphones or a mono headset based on the device's impedance. Sounds like it thinks your headphones are a headset, so it's treating the 2nd channel as a mic instead of a speaker. Search for "impedance" and you'll find solutions.
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    Interesting. I learn something new here everyday!

    Thanks, kvcobra!
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    thanks i apprec it. i would have never guessed somethin like that.

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