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    From Susan- "What happened to my latest PDA. True Story. If I seem to be ditsy these days and not showing up where and when I need to, you'll know why..."

    02/27/2006 03:12:36PM Session Started with Agent (Richard_0196830)
    02/27/2006 03:12:36PM Susan Wilson: "My Axim 51v has developed a crack from the top of the screen to the bottom and no longer works. It is still under warranty."
    02/27/2006 03:12:55PM Agent (Richard_0196830): "Thank you for contacting Dell Hardware Warranty Support for AXIM and DJ. My name is Richard. Please allow me a moment to review your question."
    02/27/2006 03:12:58PM Agent (Richard_0196830): "While I review your question, let me inform you that you might get an invitation to participate in a survey at the end of this session. You would be asked to rate our interaction on a scale of 1 to 9 with 9 being the best. Your feedback would be greatly a"
    02/27/2006 03:13:00PM Agent (Richard_0196830): "Meanwhile, may I have the name and telephone number registered with us?"
    02/27/2006 03:13:46PM Susan Wilson: "Susan Wilson, 828-691-6539"
    02/27/2006 03:14:03PM Agent (Richard_0196830): "Hi Susan, Thank you for the confirmation, please give me a minute while I review your question and your system information."
    02/27/2006 03:16:33PM Agent (Richard_0196830): "Sorry to keep you waiting."
    02/27/2006 03:16:41PM Agent (Richard_0196830): "Susan, how are you doing today?"
    02/27/2006 03:16:59PM Susan Wilson: "no problem."
    02/27/2006 03:18:01PM Agent (Richard_0196830): "Susan, how did the screen crack on the axim?"
    02/27/2006 03:20:31PM Susan Wilson: "We have a 6 mo. old puppy in the chewing phase who has chewed through my motorola 551 phone and I thought had only chewed up my case but I think he had started the crack on my screen and the next time he got a hold of it (last night) finished the crack sp"
    02/27/2006 03:22:09PM Susan Wilson: "We are having him neutered on Thursday in hopes that it will keep him thinking of other things until he outgrows the chewing faze."
    02/27/2006 03:22:42PM Susan Wilson: "When you and your supervisor get over the giggles I'll be right here."
    02/27/2006 03:24:00PM Agent (Richard_0196830): "One moment please."
    02/27/2006 03:25:31PM Agent (Richard_0196830): "Susan, I just checked the warranty status on the account, you do not have the accidental warranty coverage. However, please contact our out of warranty department, they would be able to give you the options."
    02/27/2006 03:26:33PM Susan Wilson: "OK"
    02/27/2006 03:27:12PM Agent (Richard_0196830): "Kindly contact our out of warranty department at 18002884410."
    02/27/2006 03:27:13PM Agent (Richard_0196830): "Would there be anything else i can help you with?"
    02/27/2006 03:27:40PM Susan Wilson: "Would you like a puppy?"
    02/27/2006 03:27:55PM Susan Wilson: "Thank you for your time. Susan"
    02/27/2006 03:27:57PM Agent (Richard_0196830): "Yes I do."
    02/27/2006 03:28:11PM Agent (Richard_0196830): "You are welcome."

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    Bad doggggyy!

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