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    Everybody on this list would know by now that I recently
    got a new Treo 650. Now, I spend hours admiring my new
    acquisition and compairing it with other, similar phones.

    I think that Palm, after the initial 90, 180, 270, Tungsten
    finally "cracked" it with the Treo 600/ 650. The phone has
    the best physical proportions of all in the market. The
    relationship between the screen size, keypad and the
    overall phone size is PERFECT.

    Then there is the thickness... thats great too. And it all fits
    perfectly in the shirt/ pants/ coat/ jacket pocket. Neither
    too thick nor too thin.

    It has got the perfect weight/ heft... The feel of the keys
    especially the side volume buttons are GREAT.

    There is one more area where the Treo comes out tops:
    No gimmicks like flip keypad or sliders or rotating cameras
    (N90!). And there are no loose bits like a cover for the
    USB port or headphones jack.

    Ok, the antenna...

    Compare that with the O2 or Nokia Communicator. The
    O2 is probably the dumbest LOOKING phone around, no
    character whatsoever and the Nokia is simply too big
    and unimaginative in design and implementation.

    The only area where the Treo looses out is build quality.
    Nothing really wrong with it, but there are issues with
    the loose bits, like the battery cover feeling tacky and
    the security sticker implementation and colour scheme
    is waaaay off the mark.

    What do you all think?

    With regards,

    - mvk
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    I think they even improved it more with the 700 design with FLAT bigger keypad buttons and shaved alittle off the width. Although I think a little thiner would be nice.

    But yes they are very proud of there form factor
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    I still want a longer and narrower phone. See Sony m600.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever7
    I still want a longer and narrower phone. See Sony m600.

    Let me guess ...Your a female?

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