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    I had a chat the other night with my friendly neighborhood Verizon salesperson. She told me the price of the Treo, less rebates, if I bought the two-year voice and data plans. I assumed they were amortizing the cost of the phone over the life of the plan. How about if I buy the phone outright, I asked. Are there lower-cost plans for phone owners?

    Nope. The Plan is the Plan, writ in stone and handed down on Sinai.

    This doesn't make a great deal of sense to me. Is this sort of deal common to all wireless providers?

    (Alas, the Treo had to go back to Verizon, since their network does not reach where I work.)
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    Yeah, this is standard, at least in the US. You own the phone either way; the only savings is a reduced phone price in exchange for a 1- or 2-year commitment. Think of it this way: gas isn't any cheaper if you buy a car instead of leasing one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nightcap
    Nope. The Plan is the Plan, writ in stone and handed down on Sinai.
    Go into your local brick and mortar "all carriers" store where you work. Try the Sprint Treo, Try the Verizon, Try the Cingular....ask him what deals he can swing.

    1. These guys can sell you anything and still make their money so they have no favorites. Yeha they might make $8 less with one than the other but $72 commission is better than $0 commission.

    2. In my expereince, they will get you the same deal with only a 1 year plan. "Ms Verizon I have a customer here who wants to a buy a Cingular cause THEY are offering a 1 year contract" .. and e gets to talk to CSR's you as a lowwly customer can't geta ccess to.

    3. They have always undercut an online ad I have ever brought in by $50.

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