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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    Here's my sugegsted edit

    BEEEEEEEEEEEP you there?
    BEEEEEEEEEEEP what are you doing?
    BEEEEEEEEEEEP sitting here
    BEEEEEEEEEEEP can you come by?
    BEEEEEEEEEEEP cause people around me are beating the living sh*t outta me
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    just put it on vibrate when you have to. phone in public is ok(free country) but dont be putting so much emotion on your conversation. talk using normal to minimal voice. I dont know, were all educated in here and we should know whats the right thing to do. Phone ethics right?
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    OH GOD TELL ME ABOUT THE NEXTEL . its kinda annoying sometimes. the chirp sound is just so much.
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    I think they gonna require surgeon general type warnings and phones and ringtone managers soon:

    "Warning: Use of annoying ringtones may be hazardous to your health. User shall indemnify author / vendor / manufacturer from any lawsuit resulting from having the living crap beat out of you or your device smashed to little tiny bits if you insist on using long, loud, cute, obnoxious, [insert 20 other legalese terms here] ringtones.

    Had a woman in my office yesterday. She leaves her pocketbook on the desk next to mine and then goes off on a tour. Twenty minutes later the thing starts ringing (incorrect term for stream of noise coming outta the thing) endlessly.....It was sticking out of a sidepocket in her purse ao i walked over and pushed the switch to vibrate. 10 minutes later she comes by with a borrowed cell phone ranting and complaining because she was repeatedly calling her own phone to figure out where she left her purse and I had the nerve to shut it off. She gave me this "who the hell are you" look and my answer was "Thank you for your time today, I'll let your boss know if I decide to accept your company's proposal".
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    Next to your purse? I thought you were a man.

    Great response to her, BTW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    BTW, Harvey says hello....he'll be back in town next week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb
    I have, on at least 2 occasions that I remember, reached over the counter and hung up the phone on a salesclerck who was too absorbed in a conversation with her boyfriend / father / whatever to ring up my purchase. Gave me a great deal of satisfaction.

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    The Deli across the street had (they don't now- I wonder if they had complaints) a sign showing two cute kids on cellphones. The sign said "we will gladly take your order after you are done your call". It was meant as a sneaky way to say that they won't bother to try to take your order if you are chatting away, but the niceness of the sign may have backfired. It must be tough for a business to tell their customers they are jerks, but to do so in a nice way.

    Here's a trick.... I haven't tried it and it may be hazardous to your health. But at times, I'd like to try it...

    If you hear enough of someone's conversation, pull out your cell and make a fake call so you can have fun with the loudmouth.

    If a lady was gossipping with her gal pals about how she was cheating on Bob her boyfriend with some guy named "Chuck", pretend to call the B.F. and say "Bob- do you know your G.F. is cheating on you with Chuck?"

    If you hear someone broadcasting privaledged information from their company, pretend to call their competitor and blab the secrets.
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    I love this thread. Everyone's viewpoint is actually understandable.

    I swear, though, that I'm the only person left that doesn't make/take calls on the bus, while waiting in line, while using the toilet, while talking with friends, and so on. At least it seems that way, pretty often.

    And regarding the "would you complain if they weren't on the phone" kind of thinking, I'd just add that 99% of these types of conversations, if held in public, would be whispered or discussed quietly.

    I've had my share of being "forced" to listen to people describing physical conditions that I really don't want to hear about. Anyone have questions about post-hysterectomy concerns? Lemme know.
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    Here's another in the etiqutte arena

    I like the end part

    "Finally, if you look around, you will see the people with “Real Power” in our community rarely pull out their cell phones in public. They have found ways to be in touch without having the cell phone being an interruption in their business days. They use them, yet they use them discreetly.

    I guess in retrospect that is what I want to convey to those reading this article. I totally believe in cell phone, delighted I have one-yet, when you use them think about the people with you and around you. People are craving to feel significant. When answering the cell phone in their presence, you have decided the person on the other end of the phone is more important than the person sitting in front of you."
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