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    Hey All,

    As my signature clearly states, I am a Treo600 user. So, here is my question. I have been surfing the WWW and looking at Treo650's.

    Is the 650 signifcantly better than the 600? First few things I saw were a better camera, zooming, battery compartment.

    Not sure the difference in Aps and so forth. Additionally, do I wait until the 700p?
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    As a former Treo 600 user, I can tell you that the screen resolution is much better, the CPU is faster, there are a number of apps that don't run on the 600 (and only one I know of that runs of the 600 but not the 650 - a webcam app), the camera has a 2x zoom, movie recorder is built-in, Bluetooth (so you don't have to hold the phone to your ear when you speak) (not to mention dialup and reverse dialup networking), etc. etc.
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    Have the 600, waiting on the 700p. Though thats fictional right now and I may get sick of waiting, though I'll have to seriously weigh between the 650 and a WM device.
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    The keyboard is way better on the 650. I am also waiting on the 700p. Help!
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    I had 600 and bought 650 just two days ago. I thought it will still take a long time for a new Palm OS Treo to come out, not to mentiong GSM one, and I wouldn't like to be the first one to buy it anyway until it has had some updates. 650 firmware has been updated already and it's pretty safe to go for it. To me, it was definitely worth it, for the reasons that shneor and TurboTiger mentioned. The keyboard is so much better and the screen is beautiful. Now I'm also able to run TomTom.
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    Thanks! I have been thinking of ebaying a I am sure the 700p is going to be $400 to $700 (leaning towards $700) if I do not need a new contract.


    <--Pondering still

    The thing that upsets me, and I only bought the Treo600 in November from a friend is that they changed the charging adapter, at least from what I can tell, and that bums me out with the thought of some of the accessories I have purchased.......
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    Craig M.
    Former Treo600 User
    No Longer Using a Treo, but Checking the Forums for Updates and such!
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    Yes your accessories will need to change from the 600 > 650.

    My wife got my old 600 back in September, and it stopped holding a charge last week and VZW sent a new one. I had to reconfigure it for her and the things that are much better on the 650 are:

    > Screen Resolution - 4x the pixels - 10x better resolution to my eye. Not grainy at all.
    > Keyboard - much softer feel on the fingers to type. The 600 keys actually indent my fingers when I press them.
    > Bluetooth for Headset, GPS, and using Shadowmite hack for DUN is awesome.
    > Faster CPU
    > Voice Dialing program on the CD is very good. Vsuite 2.0 is in beta (just got my hands on it today) and will let you voice launch (without training) most anything.

    I liked the power button up top on the 600. But can deal without it.

    With the 650 you need either a program that allows you to soft reset or a battery compartment with a reset hole. I use LauncherX when I think I need a soft reset. This is because I have Zcover on my 650, which I really like for carrying in my front pants pocket.


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    Unlike many others, I think that there are actually several things better about the 600...
    - I'm in the minority on the keyboard. I think the both keyboards are bad but the 600's was better (less typos due to key size, shape, and force required to press them).
    - The 600's D-Pad was also better.
    - The 600 also had a better Phone app with four quick-launch buttons (something I'm hoping to remedy one day via a custom app).
    - The 600 feels a bit slimmer and more solid.

    Other than that, the 650 has some pretty big feature advantages:
    - Gorgeous, insanely bright 320x320 screen. Use an app like FontSmoother by Alex Pruss to make it look even nicer.
    - Bluetooth. Useful for BT GPS units or BT headsets.
    - Replaceable battery. For me, the advantage with this is that the 650's resale value should hold up better because a new buyer could slap in a fresh battery and have a good-as-new Treo, whereas a used 600 will have shorter battery life.
    - Menu button next to the D-Pad is a nice usability improvement (probably the only usability improvement, IMO).

    IMO, the 320x320 screen is the most compelling advantage of the 650 and, because of it, I could never move back to a 600 and be happy. Should you wait for a 700p? It depends. You might be able to pick up a 650 for about $100 with a 2-year contract. That's pretty cheap and if you're willing to eat the $150 (or so) early termination fee, you could just plan for that. You'd be able to sell your 650 on ebay and should get at least that much for it. The only thing you might lose by playing that game is number portability. For many that's a big deal. For me it's not.
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    Hey i am a 600 user too and also thinking about the 650 but then tmobile doesnt carry the 650 so i dont really know. i dont wana spend alot of time again figuring the settings for the 650. But then as far as im concerned with the 650 its an overall nice phone. Ive used it alot of times from a friend when my phone dies, its really nice really really great screen and bright too. The bluetooth is perfect, because you charge the phone leave it on the corner, while you go around the house talking on your headset. And i would definitely agree on whatver SCOTT R said. But its all up to you man. '


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