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    I'm a .net developer who has never owned or had an interest in a pda, however, when I heard that Verizon had just rolled out 3g in my city, I could not resist looking in to it.
    I wanted the data connection for my laptop and when I saw the 700w for $99 I took the bait.

    I find however that the treo replaces my laptop more than it provides data for it. I love it. I have my whole mp3, & video collection on demand steamin to me from home, sirius radio, xm, tv, and I never miss howard stern now.

    when I found the 700w section of this forum, I was really excited and happy also, but its peppered with angry negative overly personal reviews and comments against the 700w and against windows mobile. many of them talkinng about the 700p or the 800p.

    before the return period expired on my 700w i wanted to see about buing one of these phones. but of course now I understand that this phane is imaginary? or just some kind of wish? or tongue in cheek complaint about microsoft?

    is there any link to any actual info about this phone that did not come from somebody named shadowsprite or moonbeam, or is another link to a thread where somebodys neighbor is a sprint rep who said it will be here just around the corner?
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    Please don't tell Perry that it may be imaginary. I don't think he's prepared for that!
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    The 700 p is real fosho. Everything else is people bull****ting because they have nothing else better to do than waste space.
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    That may be true, unfortunately. All indications point to the fact that the
    Treo 650 may be the last (great) PalmOS phone from palm.

    - mvk
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    its real. check treonauts for real pics of it.
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    Well, new Treo smartphones to be released this year have been confirmed by Palm, and one might assume that there's going to be a 700p since Palm made a point of calling the newest Treo the 700 'W'. Who knows what might happen. It will certainly be interesting.
    Why are ringtones always such a big issue? Don't people realize that they're obnoxious!? And why the Nintendo 'Wii'? What th-!?
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    I think the person who started this thread is right on money!!

    I second this hypothesis.
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    Treonauts has the same old photo with the scribble over the name in the bottom right, that came from Mr. ShadowRealm or whatever his name is.
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    Who are shadowsprite, moonbeam and ShadowRealm anyways? Sounds to me like you're trolling. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Hey! Slinky said there was going to be a 800P and Yahoo believes him so why should't you.
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    Why would Slinky be trolling???

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    Insertion, Do a google for Treo 700p. Click the top link.

    I guess its Shadow mite, vouching for it. My bad.

    "Skeptics still abound, but Treo hacker extraordinaire Shadowmite is vouching for the authenticity of those Treo 700p pics that popped up yesterday evening; this dude's rep alone is enough to have most Treo fanatics convinced that this is the real deal. Anyway, we're still waiting for a few new choice pics, but in the meantime in some specs are making the rounds, and the new Treo 700p, which will supposedly be available from Sprint in April, will have a 312MHz processor, Palm OS 5.4.9, EV-DO, 1.3 megapixel digital camera, a 320 x 320 pixel display, and Bluetooth (they're not sure whether it's Bluetooth 1.2 or not). The news that Palm is busting out a new Treo running on the Palm OS has to be good news to all the loyalists who were dreading having to switch to Windows Mobile to get 3G on a Treo, but, man, Palm is really running Garnet into the ground, aren't they? Let's hope they managed to work out a lot of the stability issues that have plagued the Treo 650 before they release this one."
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    Lol, ok i get it now the slinkey comment. Do a google for Treo 800p, and top link again.

    "It’s no surprise to hear yet another rumor pop up about a new Palm OS based Treo. This time however, and of course we can’t confirm if it’s true, a regular forum jockey named “slinky” over at TreoCentral says the next Palm Treo will not be a, uh, “p” flavored 700 – instead, Palm will be introducing an entirely new device dubbed the 800p on March 15... the ides of March, a day synonymous with abrupt change. See, slinky claims s/he saw a hush-hush hands-off demo of the “sleek and cool” device in a lobby bar (as these things generally go, right?) and says the new 800p throws down with “fast is an understatement” EV-DO and features 128MB RAM, a WiFi “option,” SD expansion, Bluetooth 2.0, an enhanced 320 x 320 display, a 3.2 megapixel camera, external antenna, and is both slimmer and slightly smaller than the current 650 yet still supports the same ol’ accessories. The looks are said to be “very slick” taking design queues from the Motorola Q and will hit the streets for less than $600. Unfortunately, there is no mention of which Palm OS will power the device or if Sprint will nab the exclusive rights this time around. Make of this what you will, but it does jibe a bit with what we’ve heard before about the Lowrider from Palm's ODM du jour, Inventec Appliance. "

    Apparently the shadow master has a better "rep" than slinkey.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theBlaze74
    Apparently the shadow master has a better "rep" than slinkey.
    You've done your homework well, and it's not an easy trail to follow. Slinky posted some BS, which got lots of people going ape-sh** before he acknowledged it was a hoax. Then Merlyn actually got his hands on a prototype (that's the source of the pictures). Shadowmite is indeed well respected 'round these parts. He's hacked the heck out of treo's for some time now, and when he speaks most people listen. He is convinced that the device Merlyn had is the next gen Palm OS Treo. It will come, although specs and release date are hotly debated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theBlaze74
    Insertion, Do a google for Treo 700p. Click the top link.

    I guess its Shadow mite, vouching for it. My bad.
    Why do I need to Google an engadget link? Especially that one?? The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Thanks NJ,

    Im doing a lot of catch up here, i've been a palm owner for all of a couple weeks. I dont know how much homework it was, it was the first result on the google searches.

    So can we sum it all up by saying we know the 800p exists because ShadowMite said that Merlyn's photos are legit, and if Shadowmite said it, we believe it because of his "rep"?

    Lol, sorry to laugh but you have to admit that funny to an outsider. And sorry if i sound like a killjoy, honestly if this device comes about, i would be interested in the bigger screen, and as long as i could still use terminal services, edvo, active sync, and divx video, streaming sirius, i would see about selling my wife's 700w, and get her the 800p so that i could compare. As i said, these things are really cool. I think im hooked.
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    "Why do I need to Google an engadget link? Especially that one??"

    Well, I thought that a google for "Treo 700p" might be a good way to find some actual news about this device that is not hinge on ShadowMites opinion of what Merlin said. I'm still looking.
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    Wish I could find the link, but I'm posting from my 600. The Merlyn saga exploded a few weeks back. The original thread had over 1000 posts in about 24 hrs. Shadowmites confirmation involved a lot more than looking at the (potentially photoshopped) picture. Can someone post the link?
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    Quote Originally Posted by theBlaze74
    is there any link to any actual info about this phone that did not come from somebody named shadowsprite or moonbeam, or is another link to a thread where somebodys neighbor is a sprint rep who said it will be here just around the corner?
    Is the 2006 Yankees baseball season imaginary, the Pittsburg Steelers 2006-2007 season ? the 2007 GMC Envoy ? the 2007 Ford whatever ? Microsoft Vista ?.... there are alle ntities which exist whose "products" for the coming year are not out yet. Prototypes have been seen, pics leaked, and we know they are "on their way". Of course untilk we can touch one, we can't be "bet ya life" sure they will ever exist but it's a pretty good bet. New Palm devices don't quite show up every week or month, but just like Microsft Security Patches, you know another one is just around the corner.

    Palm has announced 4 models for 2006, only one of which has hit the streets.
    Stock analysyst have made recommendations on the company based upon the perceived strength of these products. Analysts don't put their reputations on the line on a whim.

    As for the relative strengths of the Palm vs WM5 platform, every single trade press review I have seen has just about hailed the 700w as the best or one of the best WM5 devices out there. However those reviews have been tempered by many observations that usability and features fall short of the Palm based 650. When "for it's time" is taken into account, the now 16 month old 650 simply had no peer and won Editor's Choice 4.5/5.0 star ratings every place it was reviewed. The 700w hasn't garnered any Editor's Choice awards that I have seen and the ratinmgs have typically been 3.0/5.0.

    Now I guess Anheiser-Busch could stop selling Budweiser and Ford could stop selling its 150 pickup but giving up that kind of "league leading" customer loyalty and market share would be akin to commercial suicide.

    Note the following:

    "There was an article in our local newspaper (Ottawa Citizen) saying that according to researcher Brandimensions, the Treo had a satisfaction rating of 3.61 out of 5 while Blackberry had a 3.31. The article also said that Palm sold 602,000 Treos last quarter, almost as many units as Research in Motion sold, 645,000. In the previous quarter there was a 150,000 unit gap.""


    " A new marketing research report has been released that measures consumer sentiment in the smartphone market. The report looks at brand loyalty and online popularity of Palm Treo, Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry, HP iPAQ and Motorola Q devices.

    Brandimensions searched over 150 million Internet sites and analyzed relevant consumer comments posted online between April 2005 and February 2006, specific to the smartphone market. The results conclude that while BlackBerry has the largest market share in this segment, it lacks a strong brand loyalty among its customers. Overall, consumers felt that Treo was a superior device compared to BlackBerry, citing greater functionality including camera and video playback. "

    With an estimated 2.5 million or so Palm based Treos being purchased since its release, wouldn't it be a mistake not to follow with a new device ? Given the Palm version's praise and the panning the 700w has gotten from the trade press, Palm needs to rebound strongly to maintain consumer mindshare. Not that the 700w isn't a good device, it's probably 1 of the 3 best WM5 offerings out there and it's doing very well in MS based corporate IT departments. It was a sound move to jump intot his arena, especially with PalmSource's offerings being in a state of uncertainty. But I don't see Palm giving up their "bread and butter".
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