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    Quote Originally Posted by bmacfarland
    It's not a crazy idea, but I think most of the VOIP-type applications are written for Windows Mobile. Skype, Slingbox, XM and such have to work on the Palm platform for this to really take off, I'd think. Or maybe this would be Palm on Windows type device.
    I have a feeling they're holding out for ALP.

    Quote Originally Posted by bmacfarland
    Treo's without a phone do exist, by the way. Everyone forget the Treo 90?
    That, so far, has been the only non-phone Treo. With the Treo as Handspring's only then-current project, it made sense. Now as part of Palm, they have the standalone handheld line(s) to address that niche, even if those don't have keyboards. Plus, as I recall, sales of the Treo 90 weren't as high as hoped.

    Speaking as a former Treo 90 user, I'd love to see them make it work. I'd also love to see a new LifeDrive (all flash memory, though, no HD) in the body of a Visor Edge. Not sure if they can get either one to market.
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    I would like to see Palm do it honestly. They already have the experience in making a well made WiFi handheld, and to slap the Treo name on it would give some credicence to allof the VoIP companies that are looking for a big name product to run with. It would certainly shake the industry up some, and if well priced would be the exact thing Palm could use to take the handheld side of things a bit longer into the sunset.

    Tis got me thinking. Nice subject.
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