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    Mods, feel free to move this if you think it belongs somewhere else...

    OK, so I've been a little off in updating happens. But I'm back (and since I see google totally ripped me off...I guess it was just a matter of time. But, hey, I still think our search engine gives better results, not biased) I have now made it my goal to index all mobile site content. I'm up to about 14,500 pages. Not quite the billions that google has, but I try to watch everything that goes in to make sure it is indeed a mobile site.

    IF you use the search engine and DO find a non-mobile friendly site, please let me know.

    Feedback is ALWAYS appreciated.


    Oh, and don't mind the fact that the BBC shows up a lot. We indexed their site last night and ended up crawling over 6000 pages.
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    What do you mean Google ripped you off? Is it because they have an optimized mobile version now?
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    That is exactly what I mean...

    I tried using their optimized search and I wasn't really that impressed. I don't like how I have to use their proxy to resize sites.

    EDIT: It's not the google optimized i was referring to, it is their mobile web search (where they basically do the same thing we do.) I confused the two at first. And I'm not really mad, it was bound to happen.

    It just got my **** off the couch. Nothing like a little competition, eh? LOL

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    Could you have protected your idea via patent?
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    In all honesty, I don't know. Probably not, and I don't have the money to take on a "Big Dog"
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