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    i would like to delete mail and wireless sync or un lock my network so i can keep the net off the pnone for billing resons. pleles help.
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    Hello fivespddisco and welcome to TreoCentral.

    The built in e-mail and wireless sync applications are in ROM (read only memory) and not the Treo's main memory. As such, it is not taking up space and can't be deleted using standard tools.

    As for unlocking your network, and easier task to to contact your wireless carrier and unsubscribe from the data service plan. That will prevent your Treo from accessing the Internet via the wireless cellular network.

    Alan G
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    thank you for taking the time to get back to me.
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    You won't incur any billing charges if you don't initiate a data plan with your carrier. In Cingular for example, you can go to myaccount and look at what you got....if there are no "pay as you go" options or charges for xx kb's, under the features tab, you won't be paying for usage.

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