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    I read that the reason my phone powers off (light goes off and you can't see the screen), is because of the new 1.17 cingular update used to conserve battery life. I personally don't like this feature, is there any way to keep this from happening?
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    The phones IIRC always did shut down lighting to conserve power tho it's been tweaked in the latest ROM. You can use programs like "AlwaysOn" to keep the screen on but battery life goes in the toilet. I leave mine set at 30 secs and i use STOIC to keep the screen on when Treo in cradle.
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    Is it suppose to shut down the lighting so it's completely off? Or should it just shut down the backlight? I can't see the screen to switch over calls or anything and when I hit the phone button to turn the light on it kills my call. So there is a program to keep the light on, huh?
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    I don't have much experience there as : 1) I have call waiting turned off as a matter of ettiquette so I don't have to do the management thing and, 2), I use the Treo BT Headset so I would normally control from there anyway. But, IIRC, the screen goes dark and the first tap wakes it up, the second tap activates stuff depending on where you tap it. So if you doing double taps, then you may be killing your call that way.

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