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    Actually, Graffiti also ran on the Casio Z-7000 Zoomer which was Casio's competion to the Newton.
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    "Hey Dolph, take a memo on your Newton: Beat up Martin."




    Eat up Martha

    (Actually, I got a Newton from a friend before graduating to the Visor. Teaching it to recognize my chickenscratch was harder than teaching my dog to use the toilet so I wouldn't have to walk him in minus 40 degree weather)
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    Quote Originally Posted by herskovitz
    I bought a Newton 110 in early 1994 and used it until the Palm Pilot Personal came out in mid 1997.

    The Newton ran just over $1,000 including extra battery and charger, 4 MB (!) PCMCIA card, 2400bps PCMCIA fax modem.

    In 1995 a company called Palm Computing released a piece of Newton software called Graffiti. This used a single-stroke character recognizer to replace the Newton's faulty handwriting recognition.

    The Palm Pilot Personal was $300 and ran for a month on regular batteries. It had only IR connectivity.

    I still have both of these devices (but use a Treo 650) and it fun to occasionally play with them. The Newton is still ahead of it's time.
    Yes, it is. I can only dream about how cool a 2006 Newton would be if development had continued, and it had matured. There are still vibrant Newton user groups and the last machines were made in late 1997. Look at Comp.sys.newton.misc on Usenet sometime.

    Handwriting recognition in the later Newton models was a world apart from the early models. I'm talking 95% or better accuracy (as long as you didn't try to write on it holding the stylus between your toes while driving on acid..) .. whether cursive (long hand) handwriting, or printed letter shapes, it was simply amazingly accurate. Everyone put Graffiti on early Newtons because the handwriting recognition engine was very funky, but with the Newton 120 forward, the engine was completely overhauled and you simply didn't need Graffiti anymore.

    No goofball pen strokes to remember (let's see, do I start an "F" on the upstroke or the downstroke!?) or any other folderol. It worked, and with the fast CPU in the 2000/2100 you could write as fast as you wanted to and it would keep up with you easily. Screw up a word? Just scribble the stylus over it and the Newton would display a little "poof" cloud and the word was erased. Fast, brilliant, and fun.

    I sat there at Apple's Newton booth at COMDEX in 1996 when they rolled out the Newton 2000 and had a couple dozen of them CHAINED to rows of tables where you could sit and play with one for a while. The air was absolutely eletric with drooling Newton fans waiting for them to hit the stores. Retail price, $1000.00. Now you can pick one up off eBay for $50.00 or so.

    I hardly use my 2100 any more, but once in a while I power it on and remember the good old days and how advanced it was for its time. An amazing number of software houses who code Palm software started out as Newton software companies.

    "What is and what should never be." - Led Zeppelin.. or in Newton's case, what was and what will never be. sigh..

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