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    A few weeks ago I sent back my Treo because it wasnt working. They sent a replacement and now I'm being billed 400 dollars because they said I damaged the first Treo. They sent back the "damaged" Treo and said that there was a red dot on the Treo, which signified water damage. I have had the Treo for almost a year now and I never saw this dot. When the lady called she asked me to look for a dot and I didnt see one. I told her I didnt see a red dot. Now they returned the old Treo to me in a damaged box, with no cushion inside the box and unsealed. It was raining and the box was wet. The letter inside says that the phone was water damaged. Duh. Now I'm being billed 400 bucks for the replacement. 400 bucks? I can get a 700 for 400 bucks. Heck, I bought the 650 for 199 on Amazon. What gives? Am I screwed?

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    I'd first INSIST you caused no water damage and that it must have been their handling and not your responsibility. Depending on your shipping method maybe insurance would cover you for this?

    personally 400 for a replacement is ridiculous. Especially when you sent them the phone back....theyre prolly gonna fix it for 100 bucks and reuse.

    If I were you I'd go with the 700 only annoying thing is verizon's data plan at 45 a month is pretty damn steep....

    At over 4x sprints price its pretty damn hard to believe. I mean I know its high speed but come on...its still internet for a phone...ya knowwwwwwww
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    I had to return a phone to Cingular. They called and asked if I sent it back, and I replied Yes. I asked if they had the tracming numbers (it was their shipping tag) and they said No. I asked what happens if it never gets there, and the operator told me I will see a charge on my bill, "but just tell them you shipped it back and they will take it off"....

    uh, yeah, right....
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    I didn't think a Tréo had a water spot. My Sprint 300 didn't my 600 doesn't. Neither does a Sprint 650. Where does Verizon put it?
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    Similar BS happened to me with SPrint. I took in a Treo 600 for warranty repair & they guy said there was water damage inside & they could not issue a replacement. I insisted that there was no exposure to water but he said he had a way of telling. I absolutely did NOT expose the treo to water & he insisted I did. Well he wouldn't budge so I took it to a different Sprint store & they replaced it with no claims of water damage. I reallt think these guys are so sick of losing money on warrantying all these phones, that they make up lies in order to avoid replacing the treo!!!
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    I love Sprint. I hate the stores though. I have not had ONE good experience with them. It may be just in my area, but it has been enough for me to never trust them again.
    I have my Treo insured through my State Farm policy under a "personal articles" rider on my home insurance.
    I would do anything to not have to deal with the store personel again.

    I have had mixed results with phone support. Billing issues are handled pretty well, but I have no patience for long waits on hold.

    The one time I have had to file a claim with my insurance--- I made one 2 minute phone call (I was never put on hold)--- I had to respond to one email (10 seconds) --- and I had to fax one receipt--(10 min). All this and I had a check in my hands in 1 week...(and a new Treo that I bought the next day) no hassle... and NO ***** STORE PERSONEL TO DEAL WITH.

    Very much worth it...Give it some thought.
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    I think they started putting a tag in behind the battery - I had a Cing rep ask me if the tag was red (told her there was no tag).
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    here is their response:

    Thank you for contacting Cingular Wireless about your warranty exchange.
    I understand your concern about being charged for your previous device.

    At your request, our goal was to provide you with replacement equipment
    so you could use your wireless service. When you first spoke to our
    Warranty Service Center representative, you were advised of and accepted
    the Terms and Conditions, including possible charges for your
    replacement equipment if it was determined to be out of warranty.

    When your device was received at the Warranty Evaluation Center, our
    specially trained technicians followed the guidelines set by the
    manufacturer to determine whether your device was beyond economical
    repair. While our representative may have asked you a series of
    questions as a part of a preliminary assessment, it is not until the
    device is inspected by licensed technicians that we are able to
    determine whether the device is in fact out of warranty. We are not able
    to apply any credits for any charges for damaged or out of warranty

    I hope that the information provided has been helpful and has resolved
    all of your questions. If you need further assistance, feel free to
    reply to this e-mail or contact customer service at 1-800-331-0500 or
    611 from your Cingular Wireless phone.

    I encourage you to visit our web site ( often to view
    current and previous monthly statements, make payments and to shop for
    new product and service offerings. Thank you for allowing Cingular
    Wireless to serve as your wireless company. We will do our best to
    ensure that your wireless experience is a success.
    This was my response to this:

    This is where I have the problem. Not being a "specially trained technician", there was no way for me to determine, ahead of time, whether or not I should accept the terms of your agreement. It was impossible for me to know that the phone was out of warranty. You yourself claim that professionals in the field, with specific expertise, had to determine that the phone was out of warranty. I had no reason to believe that the phone was out of warranty and the questions that the customer service lady asked me did not lead me or her to the conclusion that the phone was out of warranty. This is why we sent the phone to your technicians. You accept my word when I apparently agreed to the terms of the warranty, but you do not accept my word when I specifically said that I did not see a red dot. How do you rectify that?

    Now, none of this even proves that the phone was out of warranty to begin with. I received the phone back from Cingular in a box, and not even in a plastic bag or with any cushioning to protect it from the elements. It rained all week, the week I got my phone back and the box was damaged.
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    Good luck. Cingular is known for washing their hands of any Treo problems...
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    Thats probably how the Treo got wet. [ducks]
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    I am so glad I left Cingular. I had nothing but problems from them. Sooner or later these corporations are going to figure out that with the rise of the internet and the informed consumer, their reputation is truly on the line each time they deal with a customer.
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    Remove the battery. Look at the battery compartment. At the top of the compartment, below the camera lens, but inside the compartment, is there a white dot (about 1/8" in diameter, stuck to the inside of the compartment? (I wonder if this is the indicator they are speaking of... my dot is white).
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcc3
    Thats probably how the Treo got wet. [ducks]

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaytee
    Remove the battery. Look at the battery compartment. At the top of the compartment, below the camera lens, but inside the compartment, is there a white dot (about 1/8" in diameter, stuck to the inside of the compartment? (I wonder if this is the indicator they are speaking of... my dot is white).
    Thats the problem. When I called the customer service lady, she asked me specifically to do that and I saw nothing there. She tried explaining the location of the dot about 4 different ways. I felt dumb because I thought I was just not following directions. She told me to send to her and she would replace it and they would look it over. I had no reason to believe there was anything wrong other than my treo crapped out. Also, when my replacement treo came in, I used the same battery, SD card and phone card. If there was water damage, wouldn't these not work also? I emailed Cingular a reply and they never responded. I guess I'll try again.


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